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    It's time to show up for yourself because you're kind of a big deal. (We can help.)

  • How It Works

    See pricing details in the section below.


    Book the Shoot

    Choose which session fits your budget. Schedule a consultation & book your session. A consultation helps to ease those "I'm in my undies in front of a camera" jitters.


    Preview Party

    View your proofs at your preview party and pick your favorites. Place your order from our Boutique Keepsake Collections.



    We'll deliver custom products that include professionally retouched images in 3-4 weeks.

  • The Full Boudoir Shoot Experience

    Want the full treatment? Take some time out for your brave self and come hang out with us in a safe space.

    Lafayette Baton Rouge New Orleans Lake Charles Alexandria


    The entire shoot takes 2.5 hours.
    $200 deposit required during consultation to reserve your date.

    Our private photography studio provides the comfort you need and the pampering you deserve. The photo session includes coaching on posing and facial expressions. No modeling experience necessary!

    Your session includes:

    • Sixty minutes of photography, set in the privacy of our

      Lafayette studio

    • Pre-Session planning consultation (in advance)

    • Two of your favorite outfits

    • Professional hair styling & make up application, including false lashes (girl, you gonna be lookin good)

    • In-person preview party of your proofs and ordering session (you do not have to choose your keepsake collection until your preview party)

  • Boudie Briefs

    Confidence and empowerment should be accessible to every woman.

    Lafayette Baton Rouge New Orleans Lake Charles Alexandria


    The entire shoot takes 30 minutes, on every third Sunday of the month.
    Full payment must be made to schedule your shoot.

    We believe every woman should get the chance to feel confident, brave and empowered. Maybe you're short on time. Maybe you're not ready to take the full plunge and want to try out a mini session first. Check out our budget-friendly option, Boudie Briefs!


    These mini shoots are held on the third Sunday of every month (which means we've got limited spots available).

    • 30 minutes of photography with five of our best poses

    • Bring your favorite outfit that makes you feel HAWT

    • Professional coaching and direction

    • An online gallery of 30 of the best images from your shoot

    • In-person preview party of your proofs and ordering session (you do not have to choose your keepsake collection until your preview party)

    • The biggest confidence boost you're ever going to get!

    We highly recommend having your hair and makeup professionally done before your Boudie Brief. Don't worry, we've got favorite people to help.
    Questions? Shoot us an email and we'll be happy to chat more or scroll down to purchase a Boudie Brief right online.
  • Keepsake Collections

    After your boudoir shoot, we'll meet again for a preview party! That's where you'll choose your favorite images from your session. (Trust us, this is the hard part, so many to choose from!) During your preview party is when you'll place your order for a boutique keepsake collection.


    From gorgeous wall art to sexy little black books, our boutique keepsakes are high quality products that will last for generations. All images are professionally retouched by hand and includes smoothing skin, removing blemishes, firming up dimples, and flattening tummies. Ask us about our payment plans.

    Boudoir Photography A. Dannette

    The Natalie


    This package includes the following:

    • Two copies of our flirty 3x3, hardcover mini accordion album  (pictured below), custom designed with nine of your favorite images
    • Our mesmerizing 8x8 hardcover, leatherette album custom designed with 10 lay flat hinged pages and 20 of your favorite images (pictured above).
    • A stunning 11x14 mounted print of your favorite image, coated with UV protection
    • Digital web files from your order
    (You get this ^ PLUS the items below.)
    Gift ideas for men

    The Audrey


    This package includes the following:

    • Two copies of our flirty 3x3, hardcover mini accordion album, custom designed with nine of your favorite images (pictured above).

    • A stunning 8x10 mounted print of your favorite image, coated with UV protection (pictured above).

    • Digital web files from your order

  • About Us

    Just a lady trying to help other ladies feel confident.

    April Courville

    The Photographer

    April graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a bachelors in Fine Arts in photography. She has been providing professional photography services for over a decade and has specialized in boudoir photography since 2011. Her work has been featured in local publications such as the Times of Acadiana. In her spare time, she writes for a few publications in town and loves hanging out on her back porch (glass of wine in hand) with her cat Spice and her boyfriend Jake.


    Our studio is located in the historic Saint Streets neighborhood in central Lafayette, LA. Because we specialize in photographing women, our studio is designed specifically with boudoir photography in mind. It features plenty of natural light, plush furniture and beautiful bedding. But if soft textures aren't your thing, we work with you to create the session that's only limited by your imagination.

  • Why Boudoir Photography?

    You have your own reason. Your own story. We can help you tell it.

    Lafayette Boudoir photography A. Dannette


    Celebrating an anniversary or birthday? A boudoir photography shoot makes an unforgettable gift.

    Bridal Boudoir A. Dannette Photography

    Bridal Boudoir

    A wedding gift for your soon-to-be will knock his socks off.

    Celebrate divorce with boudoir photography in Acadiana


    Did you make it to the other side after a dark time? We've been there. A boudoir experience is a boost of self confidence you need after achieving a fitness goal or even celebrating your new self after a divorce.

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    Look Fabulous in Every Photo: Five Hacks from a Pro

    Includes: Tips on lighting, poses, and camera angles.

  • You can purchase a Boudie Brief online!

    Once you place your order, we'll be in touch with available dates and time slots.

  • Contact Us

    Are you ready to do this? Simply send us an email to set up a consultation.

    Lafayette, Louisiana
  • Questions?

    We've got answers.

    Do you provide outfits?

    We do not provide clothing or jewelry. Please bring these items along with you. We want you to feel AMAZING in whatever you wear to your shoot and only you can find the perfect outfit that’s perfect for you.

    Need ideas? During your consultation, we’ll give you all the tips and tricks you need to help you prepare for your shoot. We have years of experience and expertise in this area. We even encourage you to make a Pinterest board dedicated to your shoot to gather ideas.


    To start, consider the interest of the gift recipient. Do they have a favorite sports team, an interesting hobby, or a favorite shirt? If so, you might want to bring your own sports jersey, military themed outfit, or that shirt. If this is a wedding gift for your spouse or groom, bring your veil, wedding shoes, or something else specific to your wedding that will help tie these sexy photos to that very special day. Need ideas? Check out our Pinterest board.

    How long is the process?

    Your preview party is scheduled 1-2 weeks after the shoot. Orders take 3-4 weeks, depending on which keepsake collection you order. We encourage to allow for at least a month if you’re shooting for a specific date.

    Do you provide payment plans?

    We require a $200 deposit when you book a full boudoir experience and full payment is due upfront for a Boudie Brief. Since products are ordered separately, we can split up the payments of keepsake collections.

    Does makeup include false lashes?

    Yass queen! False lashes may sound scary but they make a huge difference in your images.

    What days do you shoot?

    We schedule boudoir shoots mostly on the weekends, mid-morning. (Anyone up for brunch after all that fabulousness?) We do try to be as accommodating as possible, shoot us an email if your schedule conflicts with weekends.

    How do you ensure privacy?

    We respect that some women may not want their beautiful face all over the internet. During your consultation, you sign a model release indicating how comfortable you are with us using your images. We never share images without your permission and we use a professional print lab. All the women you see here have given us permission to use the photos.

    Where do you shoot?

    We have a studio in central Lafayette, LA. If you’re looking for a more editorial look, we also have a larger studio space in downtown Lafayette.

    Can I bring a friend or spouse?

    Hey, if it makes you feel more comfortable, go for it. Our studio space is small so we ask that if you want to bring a friend that you limited it to one person. Adults only, no little ones please. However, we find that bringing a friend can sometimes be a distraction. Also, ladies leave your man at home. This club is full of boss babes only.

    Can I do my own hair and makeup?

    The Full Boudoir Experience includes professional hair and makeup. If it wasn’t included and you had to do it yourself, it wouldn’t be the same pampering experience! Our Boudie Briefs do not include hair and makeup, so you can do your own hair and makeup for them. Rock your makeup tricks.

  • News

    Here's what the community is saying about us!

    Read one Woman's Story in the Times!

    We were featured in the Times of Acadiana! Learn about a local client's journey.

    We were featured as a Be You.

    Photographer, April Courville was featured as a Be You in the Times of Acadiana!

    Local lady takes empowering photos of women in the bedroom.

    Boudoir photography is a growing trend across the country. However, it has come a long way since the days of "Glamour Shots" in the '80s and '90s.

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    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

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(Privacy Policy)
We understand that your boudoir session is a very private, intimate experience. We do everything we can to keep it that way. We will not post any images from your session on our webpage, blog or social media without your consent. Your online gallery is a private link that will be emailed to you after your viewing session. If you wish to share your online gallery, you are free to do so on your terms, by forwarding the link. We will not share your personal information with anyone. 
While we do love to show off our work on our website and other outlets, images posted online are kept anonymous by cropping out any identifying content. (With your permission, of course.) On the other hand, if you love your images, feel free to share them with all your gal pals. And don’t forget to tell them about your experience! Ask about our referral program. 

(Cancelation Policy)
A non-refundable retainer deposit of $200 is due at the time of booking. This ensures that your session date is guaranteed and is applied to your package. A final date of your session is booked and verified during your pre-session consultation. Cancelations are accepted up to 48 hours prior to your session date. If a cancelation occurs after this period, the full session fee will be invoiced.
If you are unable to keep your session appointment, we will happily reschedule once at no additional fee. Additional rescheduling is offered at a fee of $50 and is also applied toward your package.
We are confident that you’ll absolutely love the images from your session. However, we all have bad hair days. If for whatever reason, you aren’t 100% satisfied with your final images, we’ll schedule one reshoot at no additional cost to you. We want you to be completely ecstatic about your boudoir images.