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Giving the gift of boudoir?

These five clever delivery ideas will astound him.

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My boyfriend and I have the same conversation every year. And I’m sure you and your partner do too. It goes something like this:

“What do you want for Christmas?”

“IDK. Whiskey. A new shirt? What do you want for Christmas?”

You think about it for a bit. What do you want? What you really want is to come home from work one day and be surprised that the house is clean, the laundry is done and that dinner is made. But that’s not likely to happen. What does he really want? How many times has he casually requested he get texted some sexy photos of you? How many times have you actually done that? Let’s finish that conversation from earlier...

“What do you want for Christmas?”

“I want to be totally surprised! I want to be able to see my sexy wife/girlfriend/partner in all her beautiful glory.”

This holiday gift will go down in history as the best ever. “A couture album full of hot images of my leading lady? EFFF yes!”

Now that we’ve set the scene for you, it’s time to think about all the fun ways you can deliver those sexy images come December 25 (or whichever day/ holiday you choose to celebrate). Maybe you’ve already booked your boudoir session, maybe you already have your couture album ready to go, or maybe you’ve been seriously considering booking a boudoir session and just aren’t sure how he will react.

We’ve come up with the best “delivery” ideas that totally shock hubbies in the best way possible. Forget the same old bottle of whiskey! This is something he will cherish forever, not just for game night with the guys.

Hide it in another gift.

If you have one of our 8x8 or 10x10 couture albums, wrap it in a new shirt. Place the folded shirt (secret album inclosed) in an unassuming shirt box. Once he finds the secret inside, he’ll never look at the shirt again the same way. ADDED BONUS POINTS: Buy the shirt before your session and wear it during the shoot. The combined new shirt plus photos of you in said shirt = the hot gift that keeps on giving.

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Create an animated GIF.

This is such a fun thing I love to do for my boudie babes. During your boudoir session, take a video with your phone (they need to be very short) that can be converted into an animated gif. It can be of you putting on thigh high stockings or slipping your bra strap down your get the idea. There are tons of online platforms that will turn your short video into an animated gif such as Text him the gif as a steamy teaser of what’s to come.

Sneak it in his lunch/briefcase/laptop bag.

If you purchased one of our mini albums, these are great to stash in a place so that he can discover it when you’re not there. These work great for those guys in Louisiana who work offshore or in remote locations in the oil and gas industry. You may not be able to see his reaction in person but I guarantee you’ll get a phone call! Plus, that means he’ll be thinking about getting back home to his hot lady.

Bring it to dinner.

Ok, so we may have bashed whiskey earlier. If bae loves a good quality single malt or a vintage Cabernet, get that for him too. Our custom wine boxes act as a gift within a gift! When he opens the box, he’ll not only see his favorite bottle, but he’ll also see his favorite woman. Give this to him over dinner at his favorite restaurant in Acadiana.

Text him a sneak peek.

Alright, maybe you spilled the beans. Or maybe he figured it out on his own. But he found out what you were up to. No big deal! There are still plenty of ways to surprise him. He may know that you had pictures taken but he has no idea what they look like! If you purchased a collection that comes with digital files, simply text him a sneak peek! Extra points if you only send a cropped detail version of the image. Always leave him wanting more…

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