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Increase Confidence with These Seven Tricks

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I’m writing this blog post on April 28, 2020. A time that will most likely go down in history as the largest pandemic the 21st century has ever seen. We’ve been stuck at home with minimal contact with the outside world. When was the last time you put on makeup? What about fixing your hair? These are trying times that can slowly eat away at your sense of self and confidence. In addition to facing uncertainty, add on the fact that many of us have gained a few pounds during quarantine and haven’t put on real clothes in over a month, chances are, your confidence has taken a hit.

But don’t fret, all it takes are a few little actions every day to stay connected to your inner goddess. Don’t let sweatpants and ice cream damage your self-esteem. Here are a few tips I’ve gathered from my boudoir clients and friends that help give them a little boost when they’re feeling less than sexy.

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Think Positive

When we look at ourselves in the mirror, our first instinct is to point out what’s wrong. Flip the script and look for what you like. Do you have pretty eyes? What about a defined waist? It can be challenging but looking objectively at your own body can steer you away from negative thoughts and help you start to appreciate what you do have.

Find a Role Model

Who do you admire that is unapologetically comfortable with herself? Start to think like them. When you start to get down on yourself, think of what they would say to you. Would Lizzo agree with you that your arms are flabby? Hell no! Follow women like Amy Schumer, Lizzo, or other bad bitches who don’t give a damn for inspiration and positive vibes.

Engage the Senses

I have a super sexy perfume that I only wear on certain occasions. It smells so sexy as soon as I put it on I feel like I could seduce George Clooney. Our sense of smell is tied to memories and can transport you to a special time in your life. Did you wear a certain fragrance when you and your partner first started dating? Putting on a dash of it will bring you back to times when things were wild and exciting. Or maybe your partner wears a certain scent that drives you wild. Put on a dab of that to get those emotions going.

Play Dress Up

It’s hard not to feel like a badass in heels. Put on a face of makeup, do your hair, slip into something that makes you feel awesome. Even if you take a few laps around the house. Take a few selfies or casually drop things around your hubby. We’ve got a few tips here.

Put on Some Tunes

Everyone has a song or two that makes us feel invincible. It might be Beyonce or it might be Kenny Logins. Whatever that song is for you, play it loud and proud. Need ideas? We’ve curated a playlist of power songs from every woman that’s been in our studio. Check it out here.

Take the Bath up a Notch

Up your bubble bath game with some extra pampering. Drop-in bath bombs or essential oils into the water, get some fancy shave cream, put on a face mask. Do what I call “spa maintenance”, shave your legs and other areas, paint your nails and put on luxurious-feeling lotion or tanner, deep condition your hair. You’ll emerge not only feeling fabulous, but you’ll also look fabulous! Need to de-stress first? Check out these tips on finding your center.

Book a sexy boudoir photoshoot.

Nothing can be as empowering and give you quite the confidence boost as doing a boudoir photoshoot. You get pampered, you get all of the attention for the day, and you get to see amazing images of your sexy self! The added bonus, is you get to keep the images to look back on. Having a bad day? Break out your boudoir album for a positive reminder of how hot you really are.

Haven't booked a boudoir shoot yet? Learn more about the process here.

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