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Official Wardrobe Guide | A. Dannette Boudoir

What to wear and what NOT to wear to your boudoir experience.

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Planning outfits for your boudoir session can be daunting, but with the right guidance it can be fun. Keep in mind these simple tips and recommendations and you will look amazing! Here are tons of ideas on what to wear for your boudoir session. Included in your creative retainer is access to our growing client closet that includes stockings, garter belts, jewelry, robes and even a few exclusive bonuses!

First off: dont' bring: 



Thongs/ G Strings

Printed items such as animal print, florals, stripes, etc

Read down further to find out why. 


white shirt photo, boudoir, Louisiana

We can combine items from our client closet with your own outfits and everything in between! 


Accessorize, babe.

Garters and thigh-highs 

(Good for: Long legs and hiding tummy area) 

Bring them! They are so sexy and offer many great options for photos of your amazing legs.

If you are going to wear thigh highs without a garter, make sure to get the ones with the plastic stay ups so they don’t slip off your leg. We have a few of these items in our closet. *Stockings are not recommended for thicker, shorter legs so if you're like me and are self-concious about your thunder thighs, skip the stockings. 

Something of his

If this is a gift for bae, then bring something from their wardrobe. This can be a tie, a button down shirt, a sports jersey, or a symbol of how you met. Anything that makes the images more personal will have a bigger impact.


Accessorize (Good for: Drawing attention to neck line and cleavage)

Have a long string of pearls? Those are perfect for draping. Dangling earrings, or large hoops draw attention to the neckline. They add depth and another level of sexy to your photos.

A necklace that lies just below the collar bone brings attention to your cleavage and makes for a great detail shot.

workout photos, sporty boudoir, Acadiana

A necklace that lies just below the collar bone brings attention to your cleavage and makes for a great detail shot.​ 

High heels (Good for: Making your legs look long and lean.)

The higher the better for your session! You won’t be walking around in them so don’t worry about that part. Black is obviously a great choice and goes with anything – the same with nude heels – but anything that you bought just for fun or going out will work. Be sure to clean the bottoms prior to your session and bring more than one pair. Think skinny heels rather than chunky heels or wedges.


Bra/Panties (Dos and Don'ts)

I've photographed TONS of women since 2011 and I've learned a lot about what works and what doesn't. There are certain styles to look for that are more flattering than others.


Avoid tops that don't have built in support. Those girls need to look to the heavens!

Bralettes, triangle tops, bandeau tops don't provide support you need. The exception is if you have implants.

Corsets can be sexy but mostly uncomfortable. You can tell in the image if you aren't comfortable.

Baby dolls - It's counter-intuitive but babydolls make you look larger than you are. There are other ways to hide your belly if that's a problem area for you.

G-Srings and thongs make your booty look flat. We're going for junk in the trunk (or at least the illusion).


Be sure to bring a push up bra with plenty of support. We want to show off the girls! Think underwire and padding. Even if you are large chested, we still want an underwire to provide adequate support.

Details and texture - lace, straps, sparkles all provide interest and detail to the image

Cheeky, hipster panties, boy briefs or high waisted briefs make your booty look nice and round and flatter your curves!

wardrobe guide | boudoir photography | Louisiana

Cheeky, hipster panties, boy briefs or high waisted briefs make your booty look nice and round and flatter your curves!​

Bodysuits and garter belts (Good for: tummies)

Bodysuits are flattering on most body types and with a ribbon or belt, can really cinch in the waist. Be sure to grab ones with built in support to keep the girls perky. If you’ve had children and/ or are self conscious about your midsection, garter belts can work wonders to cinch the waist and camouflage problem tummy areas.


Colors that photograph well and work on various skin tones are pastels such as rose, peach, lavender, lilac and baby blue. Jewel tones also work really well such as charcoal, burgundy, navy blue, emerald green, deep purple and of course, black. Stay away from neon or bright colors such as red, yellow, pink, green. These bright colors cast a reflection on your skin and only look good on certain skin types.

Robe or kimono (Good for: Problem arms or back areas.)

We have a few lace robes you can wrap in that adds a sexy vibe. These can be strategically draped over problem areas and to wear while we’re moving around set props.

casual boudoir | Lafayette, LA| A. Dannette Photography

Casual attire such as a white shirt can be just a sexy as lingerie. 

Where to Shop

You don’t have to break the bank on pretty outfits. Heels, robes and stockings can be found at places like Target, JC Penny, or Macy’s. Bodysuits can be found on Amazon, we like Frederick’s of Hollywood for garter belts and Adore Me, Shein and Yandy for Bra/Panty sets. If you are plus size, check out Torrid.

At A. Dannette Photography, we take the guesswork out of planning for you big boudoir experience! With some planning, guidance and prepping tips, shopping for your upcoming boudoir photography session should be a total breeze.