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    How to Choose the Best Lingerie for Your Body Type

    5 Insider Hacks to Feel More Confident in Lace

    Get ready to learn the mistakes, myths and best strategies to pick lingerie you're guaranteed to look hot in. 
  • "April and her team make you feel SO comfortable and at home with them. They pretty much make you forget you’re half naked." - Darian

    "I stepped out of my comfort zone and had an awesome time. As a curvy girl, this was definitely a confidence boost that I needed."

    - Jennifer

    "They truly do make you feel comfortable and beautiful no matter your size. Being a curvier girl I’ve always been self-conscious about my size, but they are so empowering to be around." - Victoria

  • Over 10 years ago when I was just a wee baby boudie photog, I thougt the same as all of you: finding confidence and feeling beautiful was just by chance. After empowering hundreds of women, I learned that wasn't the case.

    I learned that with a well-fitting outfit, good lighting and a killer pose, EVERY BODY can look amazing.

    I learned that EVERY woman can see herself in a more positive light. So I decided to take what I've learned and share it!

    If you're ready to step out of a self-doubt mindset, own your sexy and build confidence with concrete takeaways to achieve it. Then choose your time for this course. I can't wait to see you there.

    All my best,


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(Privacy Policy)
We understand that your boudoir session is a very private, intimate experience. We do everything we can to keep it that way. We will not post any images from your session on our webpage, blog or social media without your consent. 
While we do love to show off our work on our website and other outlets, images posted online are kept anonymous by cropping out any identifying content. (With your permission, of course.) On the other hand, if you love your images, feel free to share them with all your gal pals. And don’t forget to tell them about your experience! Ask about our referral program.