• A boudoir session can dramatically change the way you see yourself - and it's now over 50% off.

    Get ready to increase your confidence, see yourself in a more positive light, and surprise the crap out of your partner (and yourself.)

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  • What's Included:

    90 Minutes

    90 minutes of professional photography in our Lafayette studio in three of your favorite outfits plus a sheet set (we do about 8 sets).

    Hair & Makeup

    Professional hair and makeup application plus false lashes! (Girl, you gonna be looking GOOD!)


    Careful coaching on posing and facial expressions. No modeling experience necessary.


    A complete list of guides on wardrobe selections and preparing for your session PLUS access to our client closet!

    A Few Hours of Bliss

    The entire process takes a few hours - we take our time making you look AMAZING!

  • All of that is a $450 value - for only $199. 

    Bridal Show Special

    Bridal Show Special

    What's included? 
    ✓ 90 minutes of professional photography in our Lafayette studio in three of your favorite outfits plus a sheet set (we do about 8 sets).
    ✓ Professional hair and makeup application plus false lashes! (Girl, you gonna be looking GOOD!)
    ✓ Careful coaching on posing and facial expressions. No modeling experience is necessary. 
    ✓  A complete list of guides on wardrobe selections and preparing for your session. 
    ✓ The entire process takes a few hours - we take our time making you look AMAZING!
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    Mother's Day Flash Sale

    Mother's Day Flash Sale

    Does not include prints or products.
    All sales are final. Ask us about payment plans on final prodcuts. Click the Buy Now button, then click on the cart in the right corner to checkout.
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    Boudoir Photoshoot

    Boudoir Photoshoot

    Whoo hoo! You're doing it! *Dances in chair.*
    The session does not include products, prints or collections. Session fees are non-refundable.
    Creative Fee + Additional Time includes our add-on headshot session or additional outfit for more time in front of the camera.
    April will contact you to schedule your planning session and to book your shoot, so be sure to include all contact info!
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  • Who is a boudoir session for? If any of this sounds like you, it's time you invest in yourself babe.

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    "I want to feel more confident. I put everyone else before my needs and I'm ready to feel like a queen."

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    "I want to spice up my marriage. We've been together so long, they would never expect I'd do something like this!"

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    "I'm celebrating! I want to do this for myself. I've worked hard to achieve what I have and I deserve something special." 

  • Fine Print

    The retainer fee is for the shoot itself and professional hair and makeup.  It does not include any prints or products.  You make your purchasing decisions at an ordering appointment 1-2 weeks after your shoot. Products investment starts at $699.  
    Some clients spend $699, most spend more than that, and a few even spend several thousand.  What a client ends up investing depends on many things including how many images you want, what type of album you want, if you want wall art or digital files, etc.  To help with the investment, I take credit cards and also do no-interest in-house payment plans.

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    HI! I'm April Courville and I'm your boudoir photographer. 

    It's always been a passion of mine to lift women up, to give them the confidence they need to move forward in life: whether it's stepping away from a job they're miserable in, not settling for someone who doesn't treat you right, or to simply speak kinder words to herself.


    I hold a Bachelor's in Fine Art in Photography and have specialized in boudoir since 2011. That's over a decade of photographing women!

    I've been able to empower hundreds of women of all ages, shapes and cultural backgrounds.


    My work has been featured in local publications such as the Times of Acadiana, The Current, Developing Lafayette, Out to Lunch and Boudoir International. I hope you'll join me in the studio.