• Swimsuit Shopping Tips from a Boudoir Photographer

    Don't let wearing a swimsuit ruin your summer. Check out my free guide on shopping for the best swimwear.

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  • As a Louisiana boudoir photographer, I've assisted numerous clients in their quest for the perfect lingerie. And shopping for a swimsuit isn't all that different. Most women hate shopping for a swimsuit but with guidance, you'll be able to find the perfect one. I’ve spent years dressing women of all shapes in slinky things for their boudoir shoots and there are some common takeaways that spill over. Here are a few tips that I use when shopping for my swimsuits.


    A Little Prep Goes a Long Way

    These simple things can make shopping for a suit so much easier: bring a supportive girlfriend, wear a thong for easy try ons, and try on in the morning before daily stress and bloating set in. And go on a day when you are in a good mood, feeling confident or cute.


    Find the Right Size

    Guess what? Your dress size is not your swimsuit size (or your lingerie size, for that matter). Grab a style you like in the size you think you are and a size up. Try the larger size on first. There’s nothing worse than trying on your normal size first and having to stuff yourself in it = confidence deflated. Instead, focus on finding a swimsuit that makes you feel confident, comfortable and over all, that fits.


    What are Your Assets?

    Decide what you like about your body before you shop. And if the answer is nothing, it’s time to do some uncomfortable but kind self-exploration. I’ve photographed hundreds of women and every client has at least one baddie thing about her body, even if she doesn’t give herself credit for it. Is it your legs? Do you have nice shoulders? Maybe you have a great bust. Are you tall? Decide what that is and shop around it. More on that later.


    Embrace Separates

    And I don’t mean a string bikini! The average woman is not built to proportion. Retailers are finally realizing that and separates are a great option. I am a size bigger on my bottoms than my top so buying two different sizes makes things so much easier. This way you can have fun and play, try mixing a print with a solid. A light piece with a dark piece, get creative!


    Make Color and Patterns Work for You

    Speaking of mixing prints and solids, using a little design training can be beneficial. A bright color or print will draw attention to an area. A light color will maximize and a dark solid will minimize. For example, I have a small bust but wide hips. My suit of choice is a light blue underwire top with a dark printed bottom, the light color makes my top look larger, balancing out my larger bottom. Want to show off your sunkissed tan? Opt for bright or neon colors.


    Big Bust?

    A few things to look for when shopping for swimsuits if you have a large chest: wider straps, an underwire (this is something I preach to my boudoir clients ALL THE TIME) and a supportive, higher back. You don’t want to have back pain from lack of support nor do you want those girls all over the place.


    Short Legs?

    The ligh cut thigh of the 80s are back baby. Yes you heard that, it’s called a French cut and while you don’t need to go complete Jane Fonda, a higher cut thigh will make your legs look longer and your torso taller.


    Round Midsection?

    Create the illusion of a cinched waist with swimsuits that have details like belts or ties around the midsection. Another great camouflage is ruching around the middle. Look for a vintage-inspired high-waisted brief as a two-piece.



    Overall, remember to be kind to yourself. No woman was ever 100% in love with how she looked in a swimsuit. Throwing away misconceptions about what you are "suppose to" look like in a swimsuit can take so much pressure off. Summertime is about slowing down, enjoying life and soaking in the sun, sand and senses so don't let swimsuit shopping take that away!