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Five Essential Questions to Ask a Boudoir Photographer

Avoiding horror-story boudoir experiences.

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So you’re considering booking a boudoir session. But there are so many photographers to choose from, especially in the state of Louisiana. The decision on which boudoir photographer to hire shouldn’t be taken lightly. You want to make sure they’re experienced, their style matches yours, they’re legit and professional. Without research, what should be an amazing experience can quickly turn into a horror story. While I would love for you to hire A. Dannette Boudoir, I understand that not everyone is located in Louisiana or willing to travel to our lovely state. So I’m arming you with a list of essential questions to ask a boudoir photographer you are thinking of hiring. If they are a seasoned professional, they won’t even flinch at these questions. 

First of all, to save everyone time, do some digging yourself. Poke around their website. Chances are there is a frequently asked questions page, an about page and a list of testimonials, professional organizations, and a privacy policy. This information can answer several of the below questions. If they don’t list any of these items on their website, consider it a red flag. It’s also important to check out their gallery. Do they shoot dark and moody? Light and airy? A bit of both? Do they have couples as part of the portfolio? Do they show the same type of woman or diversity? Make sure their style speaks to you. 

If all checks out and you’re ready to move forward, these questions can help get the most out of your phone or in-person consultation. 

Louisiana Boudoir | Questions to Ask

Poke around their website. Chances are there is a frequently asked questions page, an about page, a list of testimonials, professional organizations, and a privacy policy.

How long have you been shooting boudoir photography?

Boudoir is totally different from other types of portrait photography. Yes, lots of wedding photographers include boudoir as an offer but it’s not their main focus. A good boudoir photographer understands that it’s their duty to provide their clients with a body-positive and empowering experience. This means knowing how to pose women, how to put the client at ease, how to photograph them to make amazing, flattering images. The more experienced a photographer is with shooting boudoir, even better if they specialize, the more mastery your photographer will have on the genre.

Do you specialize in boudoir or do you photograph other genres? 

Similar to the previous question, ultimately you want someone who works solely with boudoir clients. It’s their passion, their focus, it’s not just another add-on service in hope to make some extra cash. When you break an arm, you’d initially go to the emergency room, but ultimately the ER doctor sends you to an orthopedic specialist because THEY KNOW BONES. A wedding photographer knows weddings, a boudoir photographer knows bodies.

How do you handle privacy? Am I required to sign a model release? What if I don’t want my images on the internet? 

This is a totally legit question to ask! A reputable photographer would never share any images of their clients without the client’s expressed written consent. We get written permission from every client on whether we can share her images or not.

What are your prices? 

I’m going to be honest. Most photographers hate this question. Not because we are trying to hide anything. It just comes across as someone who is price shopping. And as an artist, we naturally want to be hired on our artistic ability and not our price. But that’s us and it doesn't mean you shouldn’t ask!

Many boudoir photographers don’t have a pricing page on their websites. Typically, that is because there are several sessions and product options available, which can seem overwhelming or confusing when listed all at once on a website page. Lots of times, a client is asked to make an order after they’ve seen the images from their session and that’s where pricing comes in. A standard practice is to provide a creative fee or retainer plus a starting line cost of investment of products. You can ask what the minimum bottom-line amount you can expect to spend will be, and what their average client typically spends for a boudoir session + photos/albums. Find out if they offer payment plans or installments.

What are your average turn-around times? How far in advance should I book? 

If you are celebrating an anniversary, wedding or birthday, chances are you want your album or prints in time for a specific date. Photographers are different when it comes to their workloads, schedules, and editing processes. Turn-around times often vary. It’s a good idea to ask how long you can expect to wait after your session is done to see your images, as well as how long it will take to receive your album after the order is placed. It’s also a good idea to ask how far in advance they book. Most boudoir photographers have busy seasons and book out months in advance.

It’s important to do research on something so impactful. Don’t choose your boudoir photographer based solely on price. Read more on hiring cheap boudoir photographers here. You wouldn’t buy a car without doing research first! We don’t want a bad boudoir experience to leave you stranded on the side of the road in tears. Find one who’s professional and a good fit for your needs. To ask us these important questions, call us for a free 30 minute phone consultation. 337-329-8071.