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Look Fabulous in Every Photo:

Five Hacks from a Pro

These simple tricks will have you looking fab in any iPhone photo!

Ever wonder how some women look so thin and gorgeous in their instagram photos, meanwhile you end up looking like Jabba the Hut in a selfie? It’s not because you are Jabba’s long lost twin. It’s because these women have mastered the tricks of the camera trade. A few simple techniques can turn your less than flattering photos into insta-worthy posts. I’m sharing some knowledge on improving how you look in photos, whether you’re taking your own sexy selfies to send to your honey or posing with girls. It’s all about lighting, posing, and camera angle. Keep these tips handy for your next girls trip.

Always shoot from above

Take a look at professional photos of women, you’ll notice that most camera angles are shot from slightly above the subject. Why? Because things closer to the camera appear bigger and things farthest away from the camera appear smaller. Built in slimming effect! Shooting from below makes subject appear large, boxy and masculine. This is why most politicians, rock bands and athletes are photographed from just below the eye line.

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Angling your phone just above your eye line will make and looking up will make you appear more youthful and feminine. Many times, it will also add "catch lights" in the eye which makes you appear more youthful.

Shift your Weight

When posing for the camera, angle your body away from the camera. For example, stand with one foot behind the other, put your weight on that back foot and shift your hips away from the camera. Angle your body so it is perpendicular to the camera. Put your hand on your hip that’s closest to the camera and viola! Flattering S-shaped lady!

Do “The Turtle”

Worried about the Jabba the Hut look? Take the extra chin out of the shot (it wasn’t invited to the party anyway) by acting like a turtle. This image is a before.

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Simply jut your chin out just slightly. It feels weird but looks fine in photos. Turn your head toward your shoulder to elongate your neck. Fab!

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Look for flattering lighting

The key to turning a “ho-hum” photo into “WOW” is good lighting. A few simple hacks can help. Look for a window or door with natural light pouring through. Stand next to the window facing perpendicular to the light with your good side closest to the window. This will give you a nice “portrait” look. In the image series below, I show how angling your camera can make a difference on how light hits your subject.

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In this image above, I am holding my camera closer to the window, filling my face with more light. This can have a "flat effect" but is desired if you're older.

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In this image above, I am holding my camera directly in front of my face, further away from the window. My face is 1/3 filled with light. Many times this is the desirable light ratio and gives more dept to the subject.

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In this image above, my camera is facing towards the window and almost all of my face is in shadow. This is an undesirable lighting effect.

If you’re outdoors, stand in an area that is completely in shade. If you are in a sunny area, take your photo facing AWAY from the sun. Your camera will expose for your face, the part that is in shadow. For an added bonus, if you have a piece of paper or mirror, you can hold it slightly in front of your face to bounce light back into your eyes. This is what photographers call a “fill light”.

Play around and experiment!

Remember to play around and find the tricks that are right for you! There is no "one way" to pose or light a photograph so get creative! You may even find yourself practicing your own boudoir photos!