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Preparing for Your Boudoir Session

The Big Day is Here!


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  • Be sure to drink plenty of water 48 hours leading up to your session. This helps to make your skin look bright and soft. It will also help you feel your best during your shoot. 
  • Avoid any strenuous exercise 24 hours prior to your session to avoid stress and bloating in the face. 
  • Exfoliate (particularly knees, elbows and heels of the feet) 2 days prior to your session
  • No chipped nail polish, and polish the day before 
  • Good night’s sleep
  • Avoid alcohol and foods high in sodium the night before
  • Dry hair at session
  • Day old wash, no freshly clean hair
  • Clean face with oil-free moisturizer 
  • Chave/ wax 48 hours prior to the session
  • No tight clothing to your session
  • Wear a button up shirt to the session 
  • Eat a light meal before - we have water, snacks, and bubbly
  • Bring along: Jewelry/ shoes/ robe, lacey things, stockings

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