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Our Very Important Babes...

And what they were up to in 2020.

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Twenty. Twenty.

The Very Important Babes of A. Dannette Boudoir Photography had their hands full this year - *deep sigh* - but the VIBs Facebook group offered a private but social oasis where we could share and receive encouragement, commiserate about housework, check in after the storms, share wardrobe ideas, and generally be there for each other.

As the effects of lockdown were felt by all, photographer April Courville stepped up to be a helper and volunteered with the United Way of Acadiana.

It wasn’t all serious though. We also had fun with memes. Mrs. Louviere’s butt does NOT mess around.

In August, VIB Mrs. Lauterbach shared the hilarious fate of her false eyelashes after the shoot was over, from our Twin Cities Pop Up in Minnesota!

In a year of social distancing, canceled plans and no indoor happy hours, A. Dannette Babes looked after each others’ self-esteem with the joy and ferocity of drunk girls in the ladies’ room.

And in November, y’all let us know what we’re doing right.

Boudoir is by its nature more intense and personal than just a photoshoot, likewise, A. Dannette seeks to be more than a small business you patronize only once, but a force for female empowerment in the Lafayette community that facilitates greater social networking and hopefully helps build real friendships along the way.

We thank you for being part of our little community and we look forward to making new memories with you in 2021.

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